Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 - Serial Number 10, Summer 2019 
1. Urmia Lake desiccation and the signs of local climate changes

Pages 1-17


Alireza Dariane; Mahboobeh Ghasemi; Farzaneh Karami; Shadi Hatami

3. Transient Measurement Site Design in pipe networks using the Decision Table Method (DTM)

Pages 32-48


Amir Houshang Ayati; Mohammad Hadi Ranginkaman; Amin Ebrahim Bakhshipour; Ali Haghighi

5. Smart Pressure Management in Urban Water Distribution Networks for Firefighting

Pages 71-89


Saghar Ahmadian; Adell Moradi Sabzkouhi; Ali Haghighi; Mohammad Hadi Ranginkaman