Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2 - Serial Number 28, April 2024 
Modeling of discharge Coefficient of nonlinear weirs with QNET and SVM methods

Pages 30-45


Mahdi Majedi-Asl; Tohid Omidpour Alavian; Yousef Seyfari; Mehdi Kouhdaragh

Reducing the extent of vortices upstream of the sliding valve

Pages 55-61


Parisa Ebadzadeh; Hamidreza Abbaszadeh; Rasoul Daneshfaraz; Reza Norouzi

Numerical investigation on the hydraulic parameters’ effects on the circular-crested weir

Pages 106-118


Mahdi Majedi-Asl; Hadi Arvanaghi; Mehdi Fuladipanah; Omid Ghasemzadeh; Tohid Omidpour Alavian