Flood Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks: an Application of Multi-Model Data Fusion technique

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Smart Pressure Management in Urban Water Distribution Networks for Firefighting

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Chaotic Analysis and Prediction of River Flows

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Calculation of Leakage in Water Supply Network Based on Blind Source Separation Theory

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Estimation of Sediment Transport Rate of Karun River (Iran)

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Modeling of Vertical Breakwater Wall under Bilateral Seawater Load

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Determining the Uncertainty of Evaporation from Reservoir by Considering the Climate Change Conditions (Case Study: Dez Dam Reservoir)

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The Impact of outlier detection to estimate groundwater fluctuations using GRACE satellite data; Case Study: Khuzestan Province, Iran

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JHS, Vol. 4, Issue 2

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Application of a New Approach in Optimizing the Operation of the Multi-Objective Reservoir

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